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Starting the Ideal Protein Diet Plan

The hubster and I started the Ideal Protein based diet on Monday, due to two logical facts: A friend has been on it for a while and looks great. We decided to follow the diet he was on because it obviously […]

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A Place of Peace

I spent some time today with an older lady who chatted for a while about the different seasons in her life and how she has tried to fulfill

mousse cake

The 8-Bar Chocolate Cake

Last week, I figured I deserved a cake with at least 8 bars of chocolate in it, although if you asked me for


Last Day of the Whole30

If you haven't read Pellucere's first two posts she so kindly wrote for us about the Whole30 adventure she went on, you can read

whole30 diet

Halfway through the Whole30 and Still Alive


Sadly, the girl is actually quite enjoying her Whole30 starvation plan. See how she started out. My scheme to eat

Zombie cheese

Tortured by the Whole30 … and I Haven’t Even Started

A friend of mine has gone crazy(er) ever since she read that Whole30 crap. I'm NOT listening!! but I was sweet enough to invite her


What if it Isn’t?

I am about to write something informational, clever and concise when I get distracted by a splodge of melted something or other on my keypad. It looks like melted chocolate,


Butt … It’s All in Your Head

Let’s say you are on a diet, and your favorite thing in the world is German chocolate cake. From now on, because you are on a diet, German


The Perfect Diet!

We have climbed the mountains of Tibet, crawled through the rice fields of India, plodded through the forests of Indonesia, danced in the streets of a Mardi Gras


The Sex Post

My daughter is at a ministry school at the moment, where she is taught all sorts of valuable things. She sent a text message one afternoon that said

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