Emotions—an Expose

Damning evidence of the source of our fragmented emotional psyches

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How to Be an Adult

  • Never let people tell you that to be a grown up you have to stop dancing. You were born to fly.
  • Being an adult does not mean that you


This Post Is Not about My Mother

This post is not about my mother. If it was, it would talk about her devotion to her six kids—how she drove them all over the country to

chick magnet

Are you her problem?

After approximately twenty-five years of committed marital bliss, has your wife changed? Is your wife moody, red in the face, irritable, forgetful, or (dare you say it) fat?

Black wax

Black wax

Have you ever made a picture Fervently pressing lines of colored crayon onto school paper Smothering it all with black wax And then Scratch By Scratch Breaking through the darkness to reveal The beauty that Was always


Lord of the Rings and Bubble Wrap

Do you feel abandoned or betrayed? What do you do when your so-called friends desert you?  Type A: You withdraw. “He wants to ask my sister to be the lead singer?

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