Sound Intelligent in Seconds

For those of you who like to sound as if you are from an elite group of academia, here is a handy-dandy tool to help you out. Make your own academic sentence. Simply choose from four drop-down boxes to create […]

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You Can Write the Perfect Blog Post


And Up the Hill to Dinner

I’m racing down the gravelly hill of our home, out through the gate and on past the blackberry bushes and the crumbling stone wall and the white church

quiet rest alone

Sporadic Moments

I sit in this quiet chair in this quiet house alone. Not completely alone—the dog lies to my left, right ear splayed out on the shaggy carpet, his

poem limerick

Terrible Limericks

We had to write limericks in English class many moons ago, but sometimes I still like to write the odd nonsensical poem ...  just to keep it real and not

regular joe austin

New Newspaper for Austin

As some of you already know, my husband and I are starting a new, monthly, free newspaper in Austin called the Regular

tax returns

Tax Returns Are a Pain in the Butt

Yes, tax returns are a pain in the butt. I know ... such professional wording, but it's the only kind that fits my current sentiments. In order to try

copy editing copywriter

Ornery Copy Editors – A Plea

Copy editors can be an awfully ornery lot. They love correct grammar and punctuation so much, they are willing to make writers feel bad in order to get them to

copy editing copy editor

Copy Editing Is Not Exactly a Breeze

Copy editing is not exactly a breeze; it takes more than simply knowing what “looks right.” I can say this with all truthfulness because I used to

Frank Delaney

Review of The Last Storyteller

A sigh of satisfaction escaped my lips as I finally put this book down. With a plot as meandering as an Irish

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