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The hubster and I started the Ideal Protein based diet on Monday, due to two logical facts:

  1. A friend has been on it for a while and looks great.
  2. We decided to follow the diet he was on because it obviously worked.

He suggested following the Ideal Protein Diet plan but changing it up a little–by drinking Isopure every time we were supposed to use an Ideal Protein Food packet, and then follow the rest of the phase 1 plan religiously until we’d lost 95% of our weight loss goals. The official Phase 1 plan looks like this.

Here’s what our Week 1 looked like until Friday:

Breakfast: 1 Isopure + optional tea/coffee with 1 oz. skim milk + vitamins and KCL (Potassium Chloride)

Lunch: 1 Isopure + 2 cups allowed veggies + unlimited lettuce + salt

Dinner: 8 oz. allowed meat/fish + 2 cups allowed veggies + unlimited lettuce + salt + vitamins + calcium and Mg. Sometimes I’ll have 4 oz. eggs with 4 oz. meat for the 8 oz.

Before bed: 1 Isopure + calcium and Mg All day: 3 bottles water (because you can become prone to getting kidney stones if you don’t)

Meat & 2 Veg

Meat & 2 Veg (Photo credit: ozz13x)

By Friday, I was supposed to feel energetic and awesome. Yea, I was happy about the 2 lb. I lost, but I felt dizzy and knew I had to be missing some basic nutrition, and that’s when I discovered why. So I went to the 3fatchicks forum, and started asking more experienced dieters questions . Yes, I was supposed to have small amount of healthy carbs and fats. Isopure has 0 carbs, 0 fat, 0 sugar. In stark contrast, each packet of Ideal Protein contains lots of protein (12-18g), is always under 200 calories, has up to 8g of unrestricted carbs, and 9-16g of restricted carbs.

Being a cheapskate, and having spent the equivalent of two haircuts and highlights on Isopure, I didn’t want to buy anything else, despite the reassurances of many Ideal dieters that the packets tasted good and you could do a lot with them. My thinking is, if I already have a powdered drink with the required grams of protein, I need to get creative in using it to make my own Ideal Protein food.

Still feeling woozy, I dashed downstairs to eat 1 oz. Wexford cheddar, 1/8 cup cooked oatmeal, and my two cups of veg. I feel a bit better already.

Being a life coach, it’s become a natural part of life to give myself simple goals and write down when I will complete them. Now I’m on a quest to create my own protein packs, but honor the list of restricted foods.

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  1. Karen Koiner says:

    Interesting! I’ve tried various liquid/powdered diets and they don’t work for me – I get headachy and don’t function well. I hope it goes well for you! Although I have to say – the last time I saw you, you were so trim that I can’t imagine why you are dieting ;)

    Funny that you call your husband “hubster”! I do that, too, but I don’t hear it often. When I say it, people are often, “What was that word?”

  2. Miles O'Neal says:

    Whether you need carbs or not totally depends on your metabolism, how your body is functioning, and how much stored carbs you already have in your body. If you tend to hypoglycemic, cutting down to far on carb intake will do that to you.

    There is a One Size Fits All plan to lose weight and get healthy– eat right and exercise. But even there the details vary with the individual. And over time. So it’s onl;y OSFA in the macro, not in the micro.


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