The 8-Bar Chocolate Cake

mousse cake

Last week, I figured I deserved a cake with at least 8 bars of chocolate in it, although if you asked me for the exact reasoning on that, I’d have to plead the fifth.

chocolate-hazelnut mousse cake

The photo that's not even close, and no, we didn't even stop to take a pic.

So here are some of the details on the cake:

Beat eggs and sugar for a long time.

Fold in flour and cocoa.


Make white chocolate mousse by melting cream and chocolate together.

Make dark chocolate mousse in a similar fashion.

Cut cake in half and sprinkle a mix of honey, milk and brandy onto each half.

Spread a layer of white mousse, a layer of dark and a layer of white onto top of first half. Put top of cake back on and refrigerate over night.

Before eating, melt about 3 1/2 bars of milk chocolate with cream and spread all over cake. Eat.

*I don’t think I’m allowed to copy recipes directly from a book, so if you want the recipe, buy the Avoca Cafe cookbook and be sure to convert the measurements into American ones.

*No, there’s none left. What did you expect??



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