What To Do after Stripping


In this stupendous day and age, experts with wisdom beyond their years have kindly given us warnings in case of future stupidity. Thanks to some kind friends, I can now reveal a few of these thoughtful warnings.

On one of those pads for those disposable toilet brushes: Do not use for personal hygiene. ~ Allison E.

On a toy flyer: Please throw or give the plastic bag away after stripping. ~ Stephanie R.

If you tip the travel mug sideways, it may leak. ~ Ruth J. L.

On a shredder: Please keep children out of this shredder. Please keep hands out of the blade. ~ Tim P.

The sun shade for my windshield says, “Remove from windshield before driving.” ~ Brenda R.

I bought a Japanese-made Mazda GLC in 1977, and the owner’s manual, discussing the windshield wipers, said “Do not operate wipers on dry grass.” ~ Richard L.

On a hair straightener I bought once, the instruction manual warned me “Do not use while sleeping.” ~ Iris S.

My cell phone manual said “avoid contact with floor” and “do not microwave.” ~ Lacy P. A.

On headphones packaging: Wear properly: L is left, R is right. ~ Drazen D.

Who knew? :P

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  1. Miles says:

    Every time I see the title, I crack up and think, “If you don’t know what to do after stripping, you need more help than this blog can provide.”

  2. JoJo Tabares says:

    Thanks so much! Needed a good giggle! I adore stuff like this. I have Friday Funnies on my blog each week.


  3. Makes you wonder what we’re coming to, doesn’t it?

    Here’s something to think about. Most of the warnings we see on products are there because someone tried to do whatever the warning is about! Now that really makes a person wonder!



    • What I wonder is how many people will decide to do something BECAUSE of the warning. No one pays any attention to a knothole in a fence until a “Don’t Look in Here” sign is hung next to it….


  4. *eye roll*–but with some giggling rolled in.

  5. Dana Wilson says:

    Funny! I loved those! It is always comical to read instructions written by someone whose mother tongue is NOT English. Thanks for your post!


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